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The Media Technology Program at Mercer Island High School is a study of film, television, and video production in the constant changing world of Digital Media Technology. Our mission is simply shaping the next generation of storytellers by empowering their voices through broadcast journalism, film, and multimedia education.

Visual Literacy

Today's environment is highly visual - television, web sites, video, and images dominate our lives. And visuals created with new technologies are changing what it means to be literate. The literacy of the future will increasingly rely not only on text and words but also on digital images and sounds. Contemporary culture has become increasingly dependent on the visual, especially for its capacity to communicate instantly and universally. Advances in technology fueled this shift. Students must learn to cope with and intelligently contribute to a culture rife with easy access to the visually rich Web, photo dependent social networks, video saturated media, and graphically sophisticated entertainment and gaming. To address this challenge, some College and Career Readiness programs are adapting core curricula, specifically in video and media technology, to include visual literacy requirements and teaching using new forms of media. Additionally, we are providing opportunities for students to be successful consumers and producers of new media by teaching them to analyze and interpret and to create and compose visual images and messages. Students must also learn how to make ethical judgments about a visual message's accuracy, validity, and worth.

Career & College Readiness

At Mercer Island High School, the College & Career Readiness (CCR) program exposes students to training for and insight into college and career pathways, industry certifications, practical life skills, innovative technology and design, and team work. Research show that students in courses of this type not only perform better, but are more engaged and have higher graduation rates. CCR programs help students see the relevance of their studies for their future, and motivates them to attend classes and study hard.

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