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Media (Video) Technology, Filmmaking, & Storytelling

Course Description: In this course, you will be introduced to filmmaking and storytelling as well as the basics of video production using digital video cameras and digital editing equipment. Basic skills include shot composition, studio lighting, audio, production planning, script writing, storyboarding, and editing. You will work in groups to create video projects. In addition, you will participate in the production of the school’s morning video announcements. There is a strong emphasis on job-related skills: teamwork, punctuality, reliability, care of equipment, and meeting deadlines. Assignments include video projects, such as short films, promotional videos, public service announcements, commercials, interviews, documentaries, and special event videos.

If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.

- Orson Welles

Advanced Media (Video) Technology, Filmmaking, & Storytelling

As an advanced student, you will dive deeper into the Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Audition, etc.) You will continue to develop your writing and video skills by working on more independent and challenging projects. The emphasis is on producing student-generated projects to support Island and school efforts as well as entrance into video festivals and competitions. You will be expected to manage your production schedule and meet deadlines as is required in the industry. You will explore careers in film and video, and you will take advantage of possible opportunities to observe professional video shoots.

Michael Ketchum

Michael Ketchum

Michael Ketchum, the Media Technology instructor and MIHS.tv General Manager, has over 15 years of industry and media experience producing and creating content for companies like Toyota, Feeding America, Red Bull, Lowe's Home Improvement, the American Heart Association, PBS, Visit Florida, Brand USA, and more. Additionally, he's a father of four, US Navy veteran, musician, and world traveler.

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9, 10, 11, 12
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2 semesters
1 credit
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CCR, Arts Credit
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Available based on class grade